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    Life is about creating balance, not supressing your good, and not supressing your bad, for one cannot exist without the other, embrace them equally.

    Everyone has hidden desires, a light side and a dark side. A deep need or want that you are afraid to express for fear of ridicule or being misunderstood. I am passionate about evoking these inner desires through the play of edgy/dark makeup.

    I started working behind the counter for some of the most well known names in the industry: Dior, Elizabeth Arden, Prescripives, Shiseido, and Borghese. Now 15 years down the road, I have stepped out from behind the counter and into the world of freelance. I see beauty and inspiration all around me, from 1920’s jazz, Tim Burton, Gothic architecture and clothing, and BDSM. I have learned to embrace the darkness that I love and not let others dictate how I think and act.

    I give YOU permission to explore your sensual side in a safe, understanding, enviornment.

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